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When people are not familiar with an area and don't know how to get to their destination, they have typically had to rely on signs and maps. These have proven to be ineffective for a number of reasons. Dynamic digital wayfinding systems are becoming more and more popular as an effective way to move large numbers of people through unfamiliar areas.
Traditionally, wayfinding has consisted of static, printed signs and maps. These have proven to be ineffective, inaccurate, and expensive. This is particularly the case if, and when routes change due to construction, or when venues change locations.

Dynamic digital wayfinding systems are an effective way of moving large numbers of people through large, public areas, such as hospitals, convention centres, hotels, airports and casinos.

As a full service provider, DIME offers a variety of methods for digital wayfinding to be deployed and managed.
  The systems are affordable, and include all hardware, software, installation, and network support. DIME digital wayfinding offers a centrally controllable, dynamic system for delivering up to the minute information to viewers, enabling organizations to more efficiently and effectively guide and direct people, providing them with essential last minute route or venue changes.
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