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Visual Paging Systems


Decreased wait times make for happier customers. DIME Visual Paging systems communicate detailed instructions and messages on large displays, rather than over inaudible public address systems.


Visual paging systems get your visitor's attention when circumstances don't allow for Public Address annoucements, such as hositpals, pharmacies, and areas that are already extremely noisy, such as airports and arenas.

DIME paging systems offer a centrally controllable, dynamic system for delivering up to the minute information to viewers, enabling organizations to more efficiently and effectively guide and direct people.
  As a full service provider, DIME offers a variety of methods for digital paging systems to be deployed and managed. The systems are affordable, and include all hardware, displays, software, installation and network support.


If you would like to learn more about how DIME can assist you to more efficiently guide and move people, please contact us today.


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