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Shelf Talkers


Our compact digital displays get your message across in stunning high definition video, and take very little space doing it.
Control an entire network of multiple displays in a single store remotely, and push price updates to your screens instantly.

Available in a variety of sizes, our digital shelf displays are deployed in custom configurations for just about any retail or commercial setting.
  • Sell more with less staff.
  • Draw attention to products in a unique, engaging format with customers.
  • Screens can be programmed to sense approaching customers.
  • Screens can be interactive if desired.
  • Explain product features and benefits without sales clerk involvement.

  • Sell advertising placements to vendors – Talkers can become a profit centre for your retail operations
  • Easy to install and move 
  • Control a single screen, or hundreds at a time from one convenient interface.
  • Update pricing and offers from a single web-based control panel.
  • Compact and versitile: Install them on an endcap, at point of sale, walls shelves and more.
As a full service provider, DIME offers a variety of methods for digital paging systems to be deployed and managed. The systems are affordable, and include all hardware, displays, software, installation and network support.


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