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Queue Management



People have more and more demands on their time. They do not like to wait, especially in line ups. Digital queue management systems are solving this problem by decreasing customer real and perceived wait times. This is having a positive effect on customer satisfaction.


The checkout line up can turn an otherwise pleasant shopping experience into one of agony for both store customers and staff. According to industry experts, retail success is won or lost at the checkout counter. It can impact on how the customer views the business and whether or not he or she will visit the store again.

As a full service provider, DIME offers a variety of queue management system configurations to optimize customer traffic by streamlining the way that “first come, first served” lines are managed. Wireless push button technology enables point of sale staff to efficiently guide waiting customers to available service locations with both audio and visual prompts.

Wait times (real & perceived) are reduced while in-store promotional media grows impulse purchases by waiting customers. Certain environments have benefited by incorporating visual paging into the digital queue management systems. This enables customers to browse through the store while waiting for things like prescriptions and appointments. Ask us how this can work for you.

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