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GlassAct by DIME


There was a time when projection was just for the corporate boardroom or the theatre. Not anymore. You can now convert your storefront windows into a high impact, attention grabbing holographic digital screen display.


Rear projection on glass technology is becoming more and more popular. Specialized film can instantly transform any glass or plastic surface into a digital video projection on glass display.
Storefront advertising on glass is very effective because it increases both your visibility and your interaction with retail, foot and street traffic. It enables you to put your dynamic advertising message directly in front of your customer.
  DIME offers several classes of on-glass displays. Incorporating DIME’s holographic projection on glass into your advertising strategy will turn your storefront windows into a dynamic, instantly updatable, high impact display.
If you would like to learn more about how dynamic digital rear projection on glass technology can lift you above your competitors, please contact us today.


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