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HR Communications

Every organization wants to build stronger teams. DIME HR Communication networks are able to offer instant and effective communication between corporate and staff members.


DIME HR Communication enables organizations to connect with their teams and to ensure that the company's vision is communicated and top of mind with all who are involved and responsible for carrying out the vision.

With digital displays strategically located throughout call centres, manufacturing plants, or customer service centres, HR Management, Sales Management, or Administration can distribute a wide variety of real time information to its teams, such as Call Metrics, i.e. Service levels, Calls in Queue, Wait Times, Sales Data, Employee Incentive Programs, and Corporate Updates, etc..


Digital HR Communication has proven to be a very effective and cost efficient method of building team synergies and morale.

As a full service provider, DIME offers a variety of methods of deploying and managing HR Communication networks. The systems are affordable, and include all hardware, displays, software, installation and network support.


If you would like to learn more about how DIME can assist you to build stronger, more informed and more energized teams, please contact us today.


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