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Digital Surveillance


Retail outlets are challenged more and more with shrinkage. In addition to traditional small at-risk products such as candy bars, cosmetics, & apparel, retailers now have to protect against theft of formerly low risk items such as medications and electronics.


DIME’s digital surveillance systems provide exceptional monitoring of retail operations as an add-on to the digital signage infrastructure. DIME's state of the art cameras mount to existing digital screens. Authorized store personnel are able to connect to the in store security cameras remotely and monitor activity using a standard web browser or a smart phone.
An unattended store is vulnerable to theft. Having sophisticated security monitoring is essential to protecting valuable property. Check in at any time through our website to monitor and control the cameras in the store(s). Should a break in occur, photos of the intruders are sent to a mobile device, while recorded video is uploaded to a secure, private access only internet file.
DIME security systems are affordable, and include all camera hardware, software, and installation for a low monthly rate. Cameras can be installed in just about any location where a power source is available. These cameras connect to existing networks and communicate with the hardware already installed on each DIME digital monitor.













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