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Digital Merchandising


Dynamic digital signage is rapidly becoming the new advertising medium. In the world of communication, marketing and advertising dollars are moving from traditional media like TV and radio, print and newspapers, to a more non traditional media where people are more actively engaged.
The Digital Trend
The growth and use of digital messaging has been greatly impacted by the younger generation, a generation that believes they can take charge of what content they receive. The younger generation will no longer tolerate random, unsolicited content that’s aimlessly hurled at them. They want targeted, useful information and they want it when they need it — at the point of purchase.
Digital signage is especially effective during economic downturns. When economic growth slows, people still buy; they just want to make informed decisions and want more value for their money. There is no other marketing tool as effective as digital signage. Retailers can more effectively control the buying environment and have greater influence over buyer decisions.
Increase Sales
More and more, potential customers are educating themselves about the products or services they are in the market for. They want to make informed decisions. They want more value for their money. Dynamic digital signage offers them the information they need in a non threatening manner.
No aggressive sales person. Just valuable information delivered in a way that will appeal to the customer at the most crucial time, at the point of purchase.
Reduce Costs
Dynamic digital signage can have a positive impact on the costs of marketing materials by enabling customers to view product information on digital displays and to “grab” and view product brochures or other product information through their smart phone. In store specials and incentives can likewise be communicated through such methods, thus further reducing and/or replacing printed point of sale materials.
Enhance Customer Loyalty
Dynamic digital signage can build on customer confidence in a number of ways. For example, it can spotlight the number of years that your business has been operating. It can also highlight the various ways in which your business has served the community, such as its sponsorship in school sports, or contributions it makes toward local or national charities or health care causes.
Dynamic digital signage can also strengthen loyalty and confidence toward the brand you represent. Every brand touts a first in innovation, unique design, or market size. Sharing these facts and trivia with customers can subtly and effectively build brand loyalty.
If you would like to learn more about how dynamic digital signage can assist you to (1) increase sales, (2) reduce costs, and (3) enhance customer loyalty, please contact us today.
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